How Does It Work?

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Complete a quick online profile so we will know which surveys are relevant to your area of expertise.

Receive Invitations

Activate your account and become eligible to receive invitations to relevant, paid medical surveys.

Complete Surveys

Respond to invitations as soon as possible to qualify and complete the surveys before they close.

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After successfully completing each survey, you will receive a payment in the form of a bank check.

What is MedSurvey?

We are an online community for health professionals and consumers designed to offer our members opportunities to participate in relevant, paid medical surveys. As a trusted survey provider, we do not charge any fees for becoming a member and we pay out (by bank check) for each successfully completed survey, without minimum requirements, We'd love for you to get to know us better - read member reviews or just give us a call to learn more.

Why would you pay me to take surveys?

Companies that need to better understand a specific topic in the healthcare market are willing to pay for knowledge and opinions of individuals who are familiar with it. Each survey is designed to address specific questions and is targeted towards members that have the knowledge and experience to provide valuable feedback. The incentive offered is different for each survey but will usually depend on the length of the survey and a few other variables.

How do you use my survey responses?

All of your survey responses are combined with the responses of other survey participants and presented in aggregate form to our client. Often times, the results are used to make important business decisions that can impact the future of healthcare. In keeping our commitment to your privacy and the research process, we do not share your name, contact information, or any other personally identifiable information with the client without your express permission. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.