MedSurvey List Management Approach

How MedSurvey’s list management approach more than doubled the number of completes from a limited target list.
List Size:
Target Recruitment:
Previous Vendor:
78 / 150

The Challenge

For years, an agency client had been running a quarterly ATU tracking study on HIV that required the use of a very specific and limited target list of ~4,800 treaters. Year after year, the sample provider chosen by the pharmaceutical client was only able to deliver on just over 50% of the required sample size, even while using 3 additional sample partners.

After having positive experiences with MedSurvey’s list management approach on previous studies, the agency convinced the pharmaceutical client to approve switching the project to MedSurvey.


Sample Strategy

From day one, MedSurvey created a comprehensive sample strategy, outlining all of the sample partners that would be used, along with projected completes for each partner, and a timeline of partner onboarding and sample deployment.

Comprehensive Shared Sample

By utilizing a single shared list among all sample providers (including themselves), MedSurvey maximized the potential of the limited target, eliminating sample waste and fielding delays.

Strategic Onboarding

By strategically onboarding and managing sample partners early in the process, MedSurvey gave every provider the best opportunity to deliver completes.


Working with exactly the same target list and partners as the previous sample provider, MedSurvey was able to almost double the number of completed surveys, from 78 to 150. The additional sample allows for a more complete analysis of the data, offering better insights into the changes occurring within the HIV treatment landscape. The agency’s pharmaceutical client was thrilled with the outcome, and MedSurvey continues to manage the project today, successfully achieving the required sample size on each wave.