A Wide Spectrum of Healthcare Perspectives

Do you need to know what a specific group of healthcare professionals or patients think about a brand, product, or service? We can use a variety of profile data points to recruit almost any type of healthcare respondent to participate in your market research survey.

Silhouettes of different healthcare people giving their views and perspective

UCSF Medical Center
San Francisco, CA

Patient (Age 47)
Breast Cancer
Austin, TX

Nurse Practitioner
Mercy Hospital
Chicago, IL

Hospital Executive
Penn Medicine
Philadelphia, PA

Retail Pharmacist
Charlotte, NC

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Target audience of a female nurse silhouette

Your Target Audience

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Recruiting Is More Than Just Sending Emails

Convincing busy healthcare professionals and hard-to-reach patients to participate in a survey is not always as easy as sending them an email. With over 30 years of experience in medical market research, we have the brand recognition, experience, and methods to successfully engage your target audience.

A ribbon

Trusted Brand

The trust and brand recognition we have built within the medical community over 30 years allows us to effectively reach and engage healthcare professionals and patients.

Silhouette of recruiters

Experienced Recruiters

Our experienced team of recruiters is thoroughly trained to find, reach, and communicate with busy healthcare professionals and patients.

Reaching healthcare professionals through phone, fax, email and other message alerts

Multiple Channels

Reaching and engaging healthcare professionals and patients requires knowing and using all possible channels of communication, including email, phone, fax, and app alerts.

Survey Respondents Beyond The Panel

A panel of verified, profiled, and engaged survey participants is a great resource to recruit a market research project, as long as it’s not the only resource. Panelists typically make up a very small segment of the opinion universe. When recruiting a target audience, it is important to recruit from outside of the panel to ensure the success of the project and the integrity of the data.


We understand that not everyone has the time or desire to join a panel, which is why we go to great lengths to profile and build relationships with “non-panel” healthcare professionals and patients so that we can recruit them and include their knowledge and opinions in your next survey.

A small circle of panelists inside a big circle representing a larger group of people


Our panelists are verified, profiled healthcare professionals and patients who are interested in participating in medical surveys. The panel of respondents is well represented in all US states and spans across a wide spectrum of healthcare professions and ailment categories.

Quality Results Start With Quality Respondents

Your data is only as good as the respondents who provide it. Because we believe that quality data is critical to making smart decisions, we take every measure to ensure that the data we collect in your survey only comes from verified, quality respondents.

One out of five people were detected for misrepresenting themselves

Fraud Detection

While most survey respondents are honest, there are always a few bad seeds. We take great measures to identify dubious participants and prevent them from participating in your survey.

Five people are shown with a variety of scores

Quality Score

We track the quality of each respondent using a variety of variables and store it to their profile as an overall quality score. We use this score to make sure only the best respondents are recruited to your survey.

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