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We understand that access to real-time survey results is extremely important to you and your team, which is why we created the tools to download raw data files and view question-by-question results inside of our market research platform.

Two graphics showing different types of data graphs MedSurvey uses to display real-time data results

Stay Current With Real-Time Results

To get access to real-time results for one or more survey questions, you will have the option to pin those questions to your project dashboard in our platform. The results are displayed in real-time as data is collected.

SPSS and Excel file representing two types of downloadable data files

Download Data Files At Any Time

The latest survey data can be downloaded as a raw Excel or SPSS file with a wide range of formatting options. The history and meta data of all downloaded files is saved and available for your records.

Turn Survey Data Into Tabulated Results

A raw data file of collected survey responses can look pretty complicated. The only thing more important than collecting quality data is being able to understand it. We can help turn that mountain of survey data into easy-to-read, tabulated results that you and your team can process into insights.

A webpage of data points being shown for a particular medical market research survey


Recode collected data from any question in a way that makes more sense to you and your team. Define categories and collapse existing data into those categories using specific rules.


Create cross-tabs with one or more banners displayed side-by-side for easy comparison among different groups of survey respondents. Banners can be based on survey questions or any other available respondent data.


Find out if the frequencies and/or means of each banner column are significantly higher than those in the comparison group. Statistical significance is usually measured using 90% and 95% confidence intervals.


View a variety of basic sample statistics including averages, range, standard deviation, and standard error on questions with numeric responses. You can also test for significance among the mean averages of different banner columns.


Using one or more filters allows you to look at the specific results of a defined respondent segment and accordingly adjusts all percentages, basic statistics, and significance testing.

Make Sense Of Open-Ended Responses

Some survey questions need to be asked in an open-ended format to allow for a wider range of responses. To analyze the gathered data, we will create a list of common responses and use it to turn all open-ended data into clear, tabulated results.

Open ended questions turned into key points of data showing a total count
Showing four of the most common open ended responses to a particular question

Get A Summary Report of Key Findings

Sometimes data files and tabulations are just not enough. Upon request, we can sift through all of the survey results and pick out the key findings that are relevant to your survey. We can use these key findings to build a report, which you can present to your internal stakeholders or clients.

Three graphics showing three key findings to questions and the significance of the responses
One graphic showing a key finding to a question

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